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D+C’s Day After Session | Kauai, HI In the process of planning an intimate wedding, there lies a hidden gem and my highest recommendation —the day after session. For the majority of my couples who exchange vows in my home state of Montana, they opt for a day after session among the majestic Glacier National […]

Photographer’s Top Wedding Tip | Day After Session


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Ever flipped through a photo album and felt like something was missing? Maybe the pictures looked nice, but they didn’t quite capture the heart and soul of your family. That’s where personalized photography sessions come in. By infusing your photoshoots with the activities and hobbies that make your family unique, you can create images that […]

Customizing Your Session


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Glacier National Park is a breathtaking expanse of vast wilderness that captivates visitors with its towering peaks, sparkling lakes, and diverse wildlife. However, to preserve the park’s natural beauty and ensure a sustainable experience for all, there are certain restrictions in place, particularly concerning the number of people allowed in specific areas. When starting to […]

Plan an Elopement in Glacier National Park with These Things in Mind


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Hey there! We're Justin and Kennedy, a husband-and-wife duo specializing in photography and videography. We are here to serve the adventurous, American West and beyond with unique elopement and micro wedding experiences. 


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